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Hey Lovelies,

Anyone seen A wrinkle in time? My brother bought the DVD for me for my birthday. One of them where we were desperate to see it at the cinema and of course never made it there lol.

When I heard about it, I had no idea what it was about, the name of the film screamed time travel to me, but boy was I wrong. It isn’t you regular Disney film. Its very futuristic, I wouldn’t say it would be a film for younger kids but then again you never know.

The story is about Meg Murray and her little brother Charles Wallace (yes that’s what they call him all through the film). Their father has been missing 4 years and no one know where he went. Charles Wallace then introduces Meg and her Friend Calvin to Mrs Whatsit. (Played by Reese Witherspoon) To be fair how Charles Wallace ever met the Mrs’s the film doesn’t actually explain.

After meeting Mrs Whatsit you meet Mrs Who. (Played by Mindy Kaling) They then explain that Meg and Charles Wallace’s father is alive.

Mr and Mrs Murray (The children’s parents) were scientists and were interested in the universe and such a topic as being able toΒ  Tesseract. (yeah very avengers I thought) This is where you are able to travel through the universe through wrinkles in the time.

Little did the children realise the day their father went missing 4 years ago, he actually managed to tesseract to another part of the universe but got himself stuck.

Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin along with the Mrs’s tesseract to the same planet Uriel as their father did. Here they meet Mrs Which (Played by Oprah Winfrey) The biggest of the 3 Mrs’s and too me she seemed the most powerful.

Mrs Which explains about the IT, a dark entity who is trying to take over the universe from it’s home planet Camazotz. Mrs Which explains this is where the children’s father has been captured. They journey to see the happy medium to help the children in the new world gain their balance and help them to tesseract.

You follow them on their journey to Camazotz to save their father and bring him home.

I did enjoy the film, it is quite confusing a lot of the time you are asking yourself what the hell is going on. But the best bit is, the children don’t have a clue either so you basically learn along with them. Which I thought was a great idea. Having the audience learn as the characters do is really intriguing.

I would recommend this as a watch, but you may need to watch it twice.

Just another note the make up on the Mrs’s is amazing! I will deffo be doing some make up inspired looks for the 3 of them! keep an eye out!

Have you seen this film?


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