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Bodyguard – BBC Series – Review πŸ’—

BBC Series Bodyguard, was everywhere. In the office its all I heard people talk about. I finished OITNB so was like ok lets see what the fuss is about.

I watched it on IPlayer and its only 6 episodes long. It is based on a ex-army turned high security bodyguard David.

The series starts with David and his children on a train, and he gets wind of a terrorist bombing which looks to possibly taking place on the train he’s on. He quickly jumps into work mode and finds the suicide bomber and manages to talk her down from detonating the bomb.

Following the incident Dave is then assigned to security for the home secretary. Julia Montague. Julia is pushing for a new movement within parliament called RIPA 18. This is creating negative feelings towards her.

During his time guarding Julia they are 2 attempts at the assassination of her. Including an attempted suicide bomb just outside a school which David’s children attend.

Julia and David during the time together their relationship develops further then just bodyguard and guarded. (It was kind of obvious!)


During a speech being made by Julia a bomb goes off and she doesn’t survive her injuries.

I couldn’t believe it! I was like wtf I was not expecting that. I thought she would survive. It really did throw me. You then follow David who hasn’t taken her passing well at all, trying to find out how the bomb was set up and detonated. During his investigation David feels it is a inside job and upon researching he gets knocked out and wakes up with a suicide vest attached to him.

The atmosphere the series created during the bomb vest scenes were so tense and powerful. Towards the end I kept closing my eyes not being able to watch as it was so intense.

I would recommend this to people, but be warned it does show a lot of PTSD and terrorist behaviour. If this is something that triggers you or you are just not happy to watch this then I would stay clear.

have you guys seen it?


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