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Can’t relate tour 2018- Beauty Bay x Jeffree Star πŸ’—


I cannot tell you how excited I was to find out Jeffree Star was coming to the UK. I have followed Jeffree for a while now and he’s deffo my main role model in the make up world. I value his opinion on products, and I will admit I do check if he has Jeffree Star approved a product I am thinking of buying.

I love how honest he is, and I do trust him not to lie to his followers. Yes he has a past but so does everyone. He has worked so hard to get where he is today. His business mind is amazing, I would love to work alongside him one day! (yeah in my dreams haha)

Jeffree Star cosmetics is one of my favourite high end brands. The pigments of his palettes and highlighters are just DAMN! don’t get me started on how amazing the liquid lips are. Jeffree takes so much time to create his products, he will not release any that he isn’t happy and hasn’t tried and tested himself.

We have lots to look forward to with Jeffree Star cosmetics expanding, we can expect 30 shades of concealer early next year then 55 shades! (yes 55!) of foundation later on next year. This will deffo be on my wish list.

Back to the tour-

The tour was held at the Troxy just by Limehouse Station. To be fair I did think it was a strange place to hold this event. I thought it would be somewhere over the west end of London.

The atmosphere of everyone lining up outside was great, everyone was so friendly and smiling. The make up looks on everyone was faultless, I loved the array of different looks people were going for.

When I bought the tickets I just selected ground floor, and your seat numbers then get aligned to you later on.Β  I was lucky enough to be given row M so literally first row behind the VIP section!


So jealous of those with VIP tickets who got to meet Jeffree but one day it will happen just got to wait my turn.

The agenda for the tour:

  • Q&A with Jeffree
  • Q&A with guests
  • Make up Contest
  • Final Q&A with audience questions

When Jeffree came out the first thing I thought was wow! He’s so tall!!! and the glow on his highlighter (Supreme Frost) was blinding! Even my mum said he is stunning!


To make it more exciting Beauty Bay invited more guests so I got to see MMMMitchell, Sophdoesnails, Lookingforlewsy and Jordnlipscombe.

It was lovely seeing how friendly they all were and was giving out some really good advice for any would be beauty bloggers (like lil old me)


They had a make up contest in the middle of the show, where each guest had a member from the audience and had to copy a previous Jeffree look in 20 mins. Watching them work in real life was so good. Soph and Jordn both said they aren’t used to doing other peoples make up but they done so well! During the last Q&A Jeffree facetimed Nate and we all saw Di Vinci he is the cutest lil puppy.

With the tickets we were all lucky enough to get given a goodie bag from Jeffree Star and Beauty Bay. Inside was a Beauty Bay phone pop out. (you know what I mean lol) a Β£10 voucher for beauty bay products. A Jefferee star cosmetics skin frost in Regina George and a liquid lip in Watermelon Soda (which actually smell likes watermelon!!)

Going to this tour was a highlight of my year, being able to be in the same room as someone I admire was crazy. I really hope Jeffree comes over for more tours as I really want to meet him!

Did any of you get the chance to go? if you could meet an American beauty guru who would it be?


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