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Cinderella Exfoliating Foot Mask – Review πŸ’—


Price: Β£7.00Β  Purchased from: The Disney Store.

First up, how great is it that Disney Store are starting to include so much merchandise aimed at their adult audience. I love it!

I popped into the Westfield Stratford store the weekend, and ended up buying the Xmas Mickey and Minnie teddies as well as some Xmas decs! (someone take my card away from me!) I see this and couldn’t resist. I am sorry but mixing Beauty and Disney is my favourite thing ever!

It cost Β£7.00 which I didn’t actually realise til I looked at the receipt when I got home. The packet is well chunky, me and the bestie were like hmm it’s weird.

Saturday night chilling with mum, I thought I’m going to try these. Sitting there watching Strictly. When I read the packaging and see it was Β£7.00 it made sense. It’s one of those feet masks where after using it the dead skin is meant to shred off your feet.

The instructions say to put the mask socks on leave them for 40-50 minutes. After the time you need to wash the excess creams off thoroughly, which I did. Feet were lovely afterwards.

Its now Wednesday as I write this so 4 days since the foot mask, I haven’t noticed anything as yet. My heels are quite dry but no shredding as such.

I am hoping to update the post in a couple days if anything happens!

*Post Update* its now been over a week and I still haven’t noticed any ‘shedding’ from the mask, so not too sure what is meant to happen. I checked in with the bestie too and she tried it the same night. She said she had a slight shed on her heel but other then nothing. She has had a different foot mask like this thats worked so much better. Disney not your best product.


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