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This has by far been my favourite Disney twisted tale.

In my opinion this has been the best one released.

Unlike the other twisted tales books, this one jumps straight into the twist. The others start with the traditional story and twist off.

This is written 5 years after the defeat of Ariel on the boat wedding, and Ursula is full time ‘Vanessa’ married to Eric and running Tirulia.

Ariel is now Queen of Atlantica, while King Triton is presumed dead. Good ol Scuttle gets word to Ariel about her father still possibly being alive, and this is where her dry world adventures begin.

I really love how this book jumps straight into the twist plot. I found it so much easier and quicker to get into. I love how you still see the original characters but then get introduced to new ones like the lovely Vareet, Vanessa’s lil hand maiden.

Ariel is so grown up and her character is still fun loving but more knowledgeable.

Eric is put under a spell as is the rest of his kingdom. He soon breaks out of it and finds Ariel. They again team up together to bring down Ursula. It really is a great read.

I just wonder what story is next for a twist?


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