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My current skincare routine πŸ’—


Hey lovelies,

I recently shared my hair saviours with you so thought I would go through my current skin care routine and tell you what I’m using and my thoughts.

I will do them in order of when I use them πŸ™‚

Cleanser – Always cleanse twice! and don’t forget your neck!


L’oreal Fine Flowers Milk Cleanser – Β£5.99

Not gonna lie the packaging played a big part in me wanting to try these products. Yes its because they are pink lol. The smell of this is amazing and it takes off make up so well. I love using it after wearing make up all day. My face always feels so clean and refreshed. I would deffo recommend this product.

Toner – Don’t forget to use toner on your neck!


L’oreal Fine Flowers Toner – Β£3.99

I do love a matching cleanser and toner, I just feel like the brand know they work well together, and I would rather use something that does work well together. The toner is lovely, my only downside is you go through toner so much quicker then cleanser lol. It is very hydrating and works well with my sensitive skin.



Lumene Glow Boost Essence – Β£29.90

First off I got this in a beauty subscription box, I didn’t realise how pricey this serum was. I hadn’t really used a serum previously but so many people are getting into the serum craze so I wanted to try it. I am impressed, this has the amazing hyaluronic acid and deffo felt like this made a difference to my skincare routine. It gave my skin a lovely glow. Pricewise, it is the full size version which is Β£29.90 and will depend how big the fullsize is to whether I would invest. I did really like it, but I’ve never really spent large amounts of money on products. I am more of a try all different products kind of girl. I don’t have a set skincare I stick too.

Eye Cream


Oolution – Eye Love – 35 Euros

This again came from a beauty box, I have been set on eye creams since I went to a Glossybox event at Caudalie and we had skin consultations and the lady recommended me to use eye cream, first sign of getting older! I nearly had heart attack and since then I have used eye creams. This one is good, I don’t think it warrants the price tag, as I prefer cooling eye creams. The tube has lasted quite a while though.



Nip + Fab soften Kale Fix Moisturiser – Β£19.95

I do love a Nip and Fab skincare product. It is so good, although it does take a while to soak into your skin. I have to do my skincare and leave it for like 10 minutes before I do my make up as my skin feels a bit oily still. I do think this is a good moisturiser but just for the long drying I wouldn’t particularly buy it again.

Night Cream


Superdrug Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – Β£2.99Β 

Firstly check out the price of this! and its not a small tub. I love this range, the smell is amazing. I would deffo buy from this range if I ran out of skincare. I can’t recommend this night cream enough. It’s a thicker consistency which I love as it feels like its doing something. The price on the whole vitamin E range at Superdrugs is super affordable.

Night Mask


Dr Botanicals – Regenerating Sleeping Mask – Β£13.00Β 

I got this in a beauty box, and my first thought was I toss and turn so much its going to go everywhere. Yes I am probably the only person who thought like this. In actual reality its just another moisturiser you put on and leave on. I try to use this instead of night cream at least twice a week. I have noticed more of a glow when I do use it. Β£13 sounds pricy but its not an everyday use and lasts a while, so I don’t think its that bad.

Lip Scrub


Barry M Lip Scrub- Marshmellow – Β£4.99

Right I love lip scrub my favourite is lush, but I just cant get to grips with removing it! Someone give me a tip on the best way to take off the excess? Barry M doesn’t really have a taste the marshmellow is the smell. I love using lip scrub to take off my lip colour it takes it off so well. it’s the time of year for dry lips but someone help me out with the removal? I just make so much mess LOL.

Lip Balm


Ted Baker Lip Balm – Β£12.00 (comes in a pack of 3)

I got this lip balm in a gift set not the pack of 3, but its the only one I could find on google. It smells delicious. Nothing overly special but does what it needs too πŸ™‚

Eye Make Up Remover

img_2328Kueshi Double Effect Make Up Remover – Β£7.99

You can see in the picture but this is actually blue liquid sitting at the bottom and clear at the top. You have to shake before each use to mix these up.

The price isn’t overly accurate as it was from google. This is again from a beauty box. I haven’t used this brand before, but do love this product. It’s not greasy and it takes all eye make up off so easy even waterproof mascara. Deffo a recommendation if you come across it.

So there you have my current skincare routine. It changes all the time as I love testing new products. My Lumene serum literally run out today so I’m trying a new serum but it is by Lumene so will be interesting to see how this one works. Will let you know πŸ™‚


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