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Killing Eve – BBC series – Review 💗


First off this was some crazy S***!

Shout out goes to Jodie Comer, who portrayed the psychotic Oksana. She played this character brilliantly. Just the madness of Oksana was insane to watch. Jodie, created the character just as I would have imagined if I had read the script.

Killing Eve is a BBC series, based around Eve Polastri a police security detective, following the case of some unusual assignations.

It all starts when a gentleman is killed in Vienna and his GF is the only witness. She is brought to London for protection.  She is violently murdered in her hospital bed while Eve is visiting. While Eve takes a visit to the ladies, she bumps into a ‘nurse’. This is when she gets her first encounter with Oksana without realising.

Oksana goes by a number of alter egos shall we say throughout the series.

Julie – what everyone in France calls her where she lives

Vivanelle- Her assassin name, and also what Eve refers to her as

Oksana – Her birth name which we find out later on. 

Oksana’s character is bold, unafraid, quirky, scary but shows no real emotion. She goes about her killings as if it is the most normal job in the world.

Eve becomes fixated in finding Vivanelle. working out why she kills and who is she killing for. Her boss Karen, gives her a team to carry on her work when she is fired from the police department.

Their case takes them to Germany where Eve take her very good friend and colleague Bill. He has the most sweetest character and you instantly like him. While in Germany Oksana lures Bill away aware that he is following her and kills him. You instantly feel Eve’s heartbreak. Your anger towards Oksana grows.

Oksana, gets an obsession with Eve. She sends her clothes and perfume. its weird and freaky.

When back in the UK it becomes apparent that her next victim will be one of Eve’s old colleagues Frank. They track Frank down and put him in a safe house. After talking to Frank he explains that Vivanelle must be working for ‘the 12’ a Russian organisation. They don’t get much more then that as Vivanelle catches up with Frank and finishes her job.

After this Eve and Karen decide to go to Russia to dig deeper into Oksana’s past. They meet with an old contact of Karen’s who turns out to be Constantin. Oksana’s agent I guess, he gives her each assignment and keeps and eye on her.

This completely throws you off, Oksana is smuggled into her old prison to kill Nadia, a girl who is willing to talk to Eve and Karen. She is then broken out and told to kill Constantin.

The last couple episodes just go crazy, just looking into Oksana’s eye you see no remorse, she doesn’t even look to feel anything she just looks empty. I don’t know if part of me is supposed to feel sorry for her and wonder why she is how she is. but the other side I’m like wtf she is some psycho.

I really do put my hands up to Jodie for the portrayal of her. Deffo a success.

If you like mystery thrillers this is a good one for you.


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