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The End Of My First Blogtober πŸŽƒ


October 31st is here!

I did it, I completed my first blogtober, even if this post is being published later then the others.

I enjoyed creating all the posts, even if they took up my lunch breaks for the last month πŸ™‚ I did get stuck towards the end panicking I wouldn’t have enough content.

I am glad I stuck to posting Monday-Friday. I am trying to keep weekends free posting only on Instagram. Everyone needs to relax and take time away.

I would think to do it again next year it was fun. I am looking at Blogmas although I am thinking to just do up to the Friday before xmas week. Gotta enjoy your xmas haven’t ya.

Halloween is a quiet one this year. No family party. and I was lack on the Halloween looks, I just didn’t get a chance. I finally did one today for work, and snapchat as always saved me for some brilliant filters.

Did you manage to look at my Blogtober posts? I have linked them all below for you:

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Autumn Questions Tag πŸπŸ‚

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Bodyguard – BBC Series – Review πŸ’—

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Beauty Pro – Detoxifying bubbling cleansing mask review πŸ’—

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Thermotherapy – Warming Gold Foil – Beauty Pro – Review πŸ’—

Feel free to have a look through them, roll on Blogmas!


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