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The Moonglow Café by Deborah Garner – Amazon Kindle Free Book

Hey lovelies,

I love being back on my kindle, so many books to chose from and so easy to get to and cheap!

I do love actual books, but they take up so much space and I think mum will kill me if I add any more to her book shelf LOL.

So I got the Moonglow Café as a free kindle book, I love the fact you can get free books on kindle!

The book starts when a reporter Paige MacKenzie is sent to Timberton to research Sapphire mining which is what the town is known for.

Straight away the book had some mystery to it with strange characters, I made a note of the people I thought would be important:

Paige – Reporter, Investigating. Sent to research Sapphire mining.

Jake – A ‘friend’ of Paige – they met on one of Paige’s previous research travels.

Betty- Hotel landlady, and busybody. An older lady who knows the ins and outs of everyone in Timberton.

Clive Davies – Owner of the Sapphire gallery. First impression has sales person written all over him, a lot of big talk.

Mist – Owner of the Moonglow Café, first thoughts are hippy, spiritual. Coffee is called Java Love. The café has no set menu or set prices. In the words of Mist ‘leave what you feel too’

Hollister- Timberton’s homeless man. Sits silently on a bench. Mysteriously quiet. There is more then meets the eye.

While in the hotel room attempting to turn on the radiator Paige finds a hole behind the radiator which has an old diary from 1922.

The diary seems to have been written by an artist, who appears to envy the work of another artist he has only labelled as C. What did this have to do with mining? Is this a story within a story?

In her research of Sapphire mining Paige finds herself becoming close with the people of Timberton, so when they are awoken in the middle of the night as the Moonglow Café is on fire, her heart breaks along with Timberton’s townsfolk.

While comforting Mist, it comes out that Hollister sleeps in a secret tunnel under ground. Looks to be like an old bomb shelter or mining tunnel?

After the fire talk turns to paintings. Mist mentions paintings from the basement of Moonglow. Clive says he has them at this gallery (turns out Clive owns the moonglow building) deeper investigation shows the painting was created by Silas Wheeler.

Could Silas Wheeler be the mystery writer of the diary?

The painting is sent to be authenticated and it turns out the painting is not a Silas Wheeler original. So who painted it?

Paige’s curiosity gets the better of her and me! As she delves deeper in Timberton’s history, stories and characters my curiosity get the better of me and I get caught up in the book.

In one her moves to investigate Paige finds herself in the hotel basement which collapses leaving her stuck in an old mining tunnel.

The search for Paige brings out lots of conclusions, and you realise all is not as it seems.

I loved watching the story and mystery unfold. I really enjoyed this book, and I also found out that Deborah Garner has written more Paige MacKenzie mysterys. Deffo will get downloading once I have worked thought my TBR list 🙂

I recommend this for all mystery book lovers


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