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My Must See Christmas Films 🎄


Hi Lovelies,

I thought I would share a post with you about my must see Christmas films. If there is any you haven’t seen make sure you do. They will all have you feeling so Christmassy!

The Grinch


I had to start with my favourite Christmas film! The Grinch starring Jim Carrey is my favourite! I watch it every year and still spend the whole film laughing!

Mickey’s Christmas Carol 


Mickey’s take on Charles Dickens Christmas Carol, kids will love this as its something I grew up watching.

The Christmas Chronicles 


This is one of the best new Christmas films of this year! Kurt Russell plays one of the coolest Santa’s I have ever seen. My boyfriend even commented that its the best Christmas film he’s seen in a long time!



Who doesn’t love the cheese that is Buddy the Elf, its one of those good ol cheesy movies and you all find yourself screaming SANTAAAAAA.

The Princess Switch


This was another good xmas film this year, deffo a girlie favourite! see my thoughts on the film in my previous post here. 

Miracle on 34th Street 


This film is guaranteed to make any non believer a true believer. Everyone believes in Santa!

The Santa Clause 1, 2 and 3 


I love these films, they are so fun. I have a tradition with my mum every year where we watch all 3 consecutively. She enjoys these films as much as I do. Although we haven’t done it as yet, must add this to our to watch list before Christmas!

Home Alone


Home Alone is a must watch every year ya filthy animal!

The Nutcracker Prince 


I am not sure how many people would have seen or even heard of this film! My dads Grandad got me started on it when I was really small. I remember watching it at his house and then after he passed away I would watch it constantly at my nans. I still love it and managed to find it on DVD. if you get a chance to do some digging into old films deffo give this a watch!

Rudolph the Movie 


I am sure I got this on video from Woolworths (if any of you even know what Woolworths is LOL) Its a good watch on the story of Rudolph especially for the kids.

Jack Frost


Who doesn’t love a bit of Michael Keaton, this film is great and so funny. The only downside is I am guaranteed to cry at this film every time.

The Muppet Christmas Carol 


You gotta love the muppets!! They are so funny. This film also started my brothers love for Rizzo the rat. and an FYI Rizzo Merchandise is so hard to find!!!

Love Actually


This can be watched any time of the year. The best girly Christmas movie. I remember sneaking in the cinema to see this hahaha I was 14 so only a year out!

The Nightmare Before Christmas


ok so this is Halloween/Christmas but its great its like Tim Burtons version of the Grinch who stole Christmas!

Whats your favourite Christmas movie?


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