Dubai Day 2 πŸ’—


Day 2 started off with desert dune bashing in Jeeps, they was about 12 jeeps with the whole group in.

I think this was the best day of the trip for me. I love adrenaline of rollercoasters so I was so excited to be driving through sand dunes in a jeep.

We didn’t go as fast as I thought we would but I suppose that is health and safety but it was so much fun all the same. I loved watching the other cars coming behind and watching them slide down the dunes knowing we literally just slid down ourselves.



We got to stop in the desert to take pictures, there was just sand everywhere it was an amazing experience. We see a gentleman walking camels, and got the change to walk up some sand dunes, which of course I ended up on my bum LOL as predicted.


After the sand bashing we were taken for lunch at Al Forsan Restaurant, this was by far the best meal of the trip. It was in like a hotel complex and food on offer was immense, it was a buffet style with BBQ outside, and inside different rooms like a cheese room and a dessert room (my favorite room) I had to go round and take pictures as it was unbelievable.


After lunch we were driven to our new hotel the Fairmount Bab Al Bahr Abu Dhabi. This hotel was crazy amazing. You can see a full room tour on my IGTV account I was so excited.

After getting our rooms we had some time at leisure and this hotel had its own beach so of course that where we went straight for!


Dinner was at the Saadiyat Beach Club, where we had dinner on the beach, we had a mozzarella starter, followed by chicken and truffle mash and a tiramisu for desert so good!!!

After dinner it was back to the hotel for bed and be ready for the next day πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoyed my day 2 in pictures


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