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Informer – BBC Series

The informer was a BBC series released just before Christmas time.

It is about Raza who gets arrested for supplying MDNA and then is coerced into becoming an informer for the terror squad section of the police force.

The police are trying to crack down on terrorism after there is another terror attack.

At first Raza does not want to be an informer as he has no ties to the terrorist world. Gabe the police officer in charge of handling informants threatens Raza as he finds out his mum is an illegal immigrant.

Gabe’s previous informant Yusuf goes missing and it is down to Raza to take his place. You follow Raza trying to get to know possible ‘terrorists’ and infiltrate them. To be honest I didn’t think the series was quite true to life, but who knows what police are willing to do to get informants.

Gabe the handler lives a double life from a previous undercover job, I believe he is suffering from some severe PTSD from this experience and this shows in the way the character is throughout the series.

Raza, gets a little too involved in his other life when a friend of his brothers is suspected of terrorist activity and he burns his car.

The way the series ends is a big twist which I won’t go into.

It wasn’t the best series I watched in 2018 but it was ok.

what did you think?


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