3 Weddings and a Scandal – Wendy Holden – Book Review ๐Ÿ’—

First book review of 2019! Although I did finish this book in 2018. I had to finish this book as I knew the bestie bought me one for Christmas eve.

The books is about Laura Lake who currently lives in Paris with her grandmother. She is an aspiring writer who longs to follow in her fathers footsteps by writing for a newspaper.

As part of one of her jobs in Paris as an estate agent, she shows a tenant to a flat which she is renting while staying in Paris. The tenant happens to be the editor ofย British magazine Society.ย ย After a short conversation with Laura, the editor offers her a job in London at the magazine. (I know very WTF after a 5 minute conversation)

Laura’s grandmother encourages her to take the job and Casper, a young man she met on a modelling job offers to put her up while she is in London.

On arrival in London, Casper is no where to be seen and Laura has no where to stay, she then loses her handbag with all her documents in like her passport, purse and phone.

She somehow sneaks into a posh hotel, into one of the rooms and calls a gentleman called Harry, who she met on the train from Paris to London. She randomly calls him and he pays for her to stay in the hotel. ( I know again a WTF moment who just randomly covers a hotel stay for someone they met on a train)

Arriving at her first day at the magazine, she finds her boss to be Clemency the girl who used to bully Laura while she was at boarding school. Clemency recognises Laura straight away and jumps into sabotage action. Laura, impresses the editor when she helps with a story about a socialite and changes people’s perception of her. Laura then gets offered to stay in this socialites mansion and gets given a whole wardrobe of clothes.

Laura then gets assigned to cover 3 weddings all completely different but with the same certain group of guests at each wedding. Harry and Casper keep randomly appearing at weddings and when Laura needs help shes texts Harry (from her new phone) and he just appears and saves the day.

Somehow in the story Laura ends up uncovering jewelry thieves, but getting kidnapped and locked in a dungeon of a castle. I know I know it all sounds very mad.

The whole story if I am honest just doesn’t make sense, Laura seems to walk into the job she wants a mansion to live in, a bloke who bails her out and she randomly only met him on a train. I’m really sorry Wendy but it isn’t a book I would read again.

It just wasn’t real to life, like it was aimed to be.

Have you read this at all?


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