The Originals Season 5 – The Final Season – Review 💗


Awww so gutted that we have just had the final ever season of the Originals.

I was so obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, I knew I would be just as obsessed with The Originals spin off.

We had 5 seasons this being the fifth, 7 years on from season four and Hope Mikelson is now 15. Season 4 left us with the Mikelson’s each taken some of the dark power from Hope and having to stay away from her and each other so not to encourage the dark power.

Hope has grown to have the temper of her father Klaus and hates that she has no contact with him, feeling that he doesn’t want to see her which isn’t the case.

Hayley goes missing and this alerts all the Mikelson’s bringing back in closer to New Orleans. Hope is so happy to have her family together again that she takes back the dark power.

This is a wrong move for Hope and her taking the power has the wrong effect.

For any avid watchers of the Originals I won’t ruin it, but there is one way to save Hope and stop the power overtaking her.

The season is so emotional and I must have cried my way through the final 4 episodes. I have to hand it to Julie Plec, she ended the season and the Originals chapter perfectly.

I am now gutted that there is no more link to TVD, may have to get all my dvds out to rewatch haha!

Have you seen TVD or the Originals?


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