Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review πŸ’—

Who else was so excited for the return of Mary Poppins?!?!?!?!

My mum is the biggest Mary Poppins fan i know its her all time favorite film. She was so skeptical about seeing this film, me and my brother had to convince her to come with us lol.

First off i have to say Emily Blunt does play a very good Mary Poppins. She has picked up the character very well.

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, (meant to be like Bert’s character) He was good but i did find his character quite false, his cockney accent wasn’t brilliant and you could tell it was put on.

The best part of the film for me was seeing Dick Van Dyke return to his role as one of the bankers. I love Dick Van Dyke and the fact he still has the energy to dance around, its so great to see!

The story of the film actually carries on from the original, so Jane and Michael are adults and Mary Poppins comes back to look after Michael’s children.

There seems to be alot more songs in the new film, and the thing i thought was strange was that Mary Poppins almost seems excited to go to the imaginary worlds.

The scene when the children have a bath, i have to say didn’t seem like Mary Poppins attitude at all, not sure if that’s just me?

I did enjoy the film and i would watch it again it just parts of it I would umm and ahh about.


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