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Hello 2019 πŸ’—


Hello 2019!

Happy New Year all and welcome to the first blog post of 2019!

2019 is a big year with lots going on, I am excited for what the year is bringing.

Looking back on 2018 I am so proud of myself, and what I have achieved. There were some dark times in 2018 but I don’t want to dwell on them.

I had my trip to Dubai, which I did by myself no panic attacks (apart from when I found out I was going) and no anxiety attacks about going by myself. I was so worried I would let myself ruin my trip but I didn’t and had the best time. Keep an eye out for my Dubai trip in pictures posts coming up.

I worked with Soap and Glory on the #Babesofglory campaign, I couldn’t believe in my first year of bloggingΒ I got on the PR list of Soap and Glory and am working on a campaign with them. I love Soap and Glory and have done since I was a teenager and to work with them now is brilliant. I am hoping 2019 could possibly bring more working with different brands and new experiences.

I joined the land of Twitter @Ckate89, and met some amazing people and helped improve my blog so much!

I went self hosted!!! Thank you again to Sophie for putting up with me for like a whole month of asking questions!

I had a great 2018 when it comes to blogging I completed Blogtober!! This year I am hoping to complete Blogmas instead! I hope 2019 is big for my blog and I intend to carry on working hard on it. I aim to post daily on insta, blog posts twice a week or 3 times if I have the content.

I want to support more bloggers, and give them the recognition they deserve.

All in all I was my next year to be a good one and I hope I can invite more of you to enjoy the year with me.

Have a great year lovelies


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