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Opps Soda bubble mask – Review 💗


Face mask review time!

Bestie got me this mask for Christmas. We are both face mask addicts, and always love trying out new ones.

This is by a brand called Oops which appears to be a Korean brand, and is another bubble mask.

The mask is actually only for half your face, which in this instance was so handy due to the enormous spot i had on my forehead at the time so it wouldn’t have irritated it.  It is unmissable in the picture below *hides under rock*


I feel like my face just never fits sheet masks, cant work out if its my face is too small of sheet masks just come up too big LOL.

You leave it on for 10-20 minutes so i watched the latest Jeffree Star video which i believe was him and James Charles destroying make up with a flame thrower. Look so fun!

I will say i was very surprised by the bubbles on this mask, by far the most bubbles i’ve had appear on a bubble mask.


And again with the sheet mask looking too big lol i hope you appreciate me posting these pictures lol.

After taking it off you rinse your face and leave. In the morning i did find that half of my face to be so smooth and soft. I wouldn’t mind having this mask as a full face sheet mask. Maybe the brand already do, will have to take a look.


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