You – Netflix Review πŸ’—

You is currently sweeping the Netflix nation as the new series to watch, along with the Netflix Original film Bird Box (not yet watched by me!)

The series follows Joe, a bookshop manager and his relationship with Guinevere (Beck for short). They meet in Joe’s bookshop and Joe quickly becomes obsessive over knowing her and her life better.

You, follows all thoughts on Joe’s part. Story is partially told by him. He becomes so obsessed by Beck he stalks her social media and works out all personal information, from schools, colleges, address and friends.

He works out her daily routine and follows her throughout the day, he watches her interacting with her friends and decides there isn’t anyone good enough for Beck.

Beck, herself isnt in the best place mentally so can be easily lead. After a drunken fall Joe and Beck miraculously meet again. Only this time he meets her on/off boyfriend Benji.

Joe is instantly jealous and takes it upon himself to kidnap Benji. Joe is completed obsessed by Beck and is so possessive its creepy.

One Benji has been dealt with, Peach – Beck’s longtime friend starts to get suspicious of Joe after Beck and him are official. Joe turns his attention to Peach finding out her own obsession with Beck.

After a fall out Peach takes an ‘overdose’ which turns out to be fake just to get Beck’s attention away from Joe. Joe and Peach are nearly as bad as each other to be fair. (Personally i don’t know what the fascination is with Beck but hey its their TV show LOL)

Peach goes as far as trying to talk Beck into moving to Paris with her. After she refuses Peach commits ‘Suicide’

Being hit by so much grief Beck turns to a therapist. Convinced an affair is happening Joe takes up therapy himself, only to confirm his suspicions. Beck catches Joe following her and checking up on her causing them to split up.

During the split, Joe gets with his neighbor, this turns on Beck’s jealously and her possessive nature. Beck then does some digging of her own. After keep accidentally bumping into each other Joe and Beck put their relationship back on.

While at Joe’s flat Beck comes across Joe’s trophies from his recent dealings with Benji and Peach, causing Beck to go into complete panic mode. Joe himself panics and locks Beck away, you cant help but watch to see what his plan is for Beck.

This is deffo a one to watch, not gonna lie i found it really creepy but you cant help but have to watch it til the end.

Have you tackled You?


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