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PS Pro Primer – Review πŸ’—


Primark are releasing more and more make up options.

I got this in a beauty subscription box, to be honest unless i see something in Primark really talked about i don’t tend to reach for their make up ranges, unless they are a Disney special obviously!

This is a primer which is supposed to:

-Absorb excess oil

-Minimises visible pores

-Lightweight in texture

My thoughts:

I found you didn’t need much product to cover the face and the consistency of the product is very good. Completely agree with the lightweight texture statement from the packaging.

I have finished this primer, but didn’t find it to be overly pore minimizing. I have quite big pores so i do notice if these kind of formulas work.

The primer does keep make up in place, some slight creasing under the eyes but touch up can solve that.

It was a good primer for being from Primark but i didn’t like it enough to go out of my way to buy it again.

Have you used any Primark base make up before?


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