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Hiya lovelies,

My best friend knows me so well! I love make up and books and what better then a book about make-up.

This book was written by Lisa Eldridge, Lisa is an experienced MUA, shes worked on catwalk and editorial shoots. She currently works as the global creative director of Lancome. Facepaint was published in 2015 and was Lisa’a first book. For more details about Lisa you can visit her website linked here.

The book covers the history of make up and where all our favorite brands and products started. You read about the make up trends all the way back from ancient Egypt up til now.

During the book you get slots where a page is dedicated to a ‘make up muse’ . The page will explain their influence on the cosmetic industry. This includes stars such as Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and my personal favorite Marilyn Monroe.

Lisa has really took her time to research the brands and the history of cosmetics, you can tell this book meant a lot and it seemed such an interesting project to work on.

My only nitpick about the book and it is only a nitpick is when a page cuts you off halfway through a sentence for the next page to be a make up muse, so you get kind of lost on where you are.

Facepaint is a brilliant read for anyone with a love of make up and wants to learn more about its origins. Some of the very first shades from some of the brands such as Estee Lauder they actually still sell the same shade. It is amazing to look back on make up and where it started and how it influenced how we put on make up today.

Highly recommend this!


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