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Flutter – Sheet Mask Review πŸ’—


Flutter is a Superdrug own brand. I got this mask as a Christmas present. It is a panda themed sheet mask.

My skin has been really bad lately with everything i have had going on. Stress and skin is never a good mix.

I was reading the back of the mask for the directions which is the usual leave on for 15-20 minutes and rub excess product into the skin.

What i did find strange was there was no description of the mask benefits. No description of what the mask would do for your skin. If you look below it has all the usual print just no description. When i look at buying facemasks i do tend to look at what the mask is supposed to do for you skin. With this one there isnt anything to tell you.


I put the sheetmask on and for once the mask was actually too small, is this brand more aimed at teens with small faces? It only covered half my forehead, normally sheet masks are way to big for me.


The mask was good and much needed, there was a lot of excess which i ended up having to wipe off. I do find this with most sheet masks to be fair.

It wasn’t a bad facemask and made my skin feel so much better, just wish the packaging had more of a description.

Have you tried a Flutter mask?


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