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ColourPop x Disney Villains Collection šŸ’—


Hiya lovelies,

Clearly i have no self control when it comes to a Disney collections from Color Pop.

I bought the Princess collection, and was so happy with all the formulas and colors. As soon as i saw the Villain collection i knew it would be mine.

I expected shades to be quite dark like red, purple, brown – villain colors. But really love they didn’t stick to the stereotype.

My favorite part of the collection is that they included all the villains especially ones people don’t normally think about ie Hades and Dr Facilier.

My only downside to this collection is the highlighter shades, they are all very similar in shade except Ursula’s. I was expecting each to be different maybe even have like a mint green highlighter – (has anyone actually done this?)

I broke the collection down so you can see what comes in each villains collection:


The packaging is so amazing and the shimmers are just to die for!

The glitters are so good, but then again all color pop glitters are.

Cruella’s Collection


Hades Collection


Ursula Collection


Dr Facilier Collection


Maleficent Collection


Evil Queen Collection


That is all the collections for you to see close up. do you agree with me about the highlighters?

How amazing do all the lip colours look? My fav i think is the evil queen.

Did you manage to pick up anything from the collection?


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