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Panachea- Royal Treatment Foil Mask – Review πŸ’—


Hi Lovelies,

This is my first ever gifted facemask to try! I was contacted my the lovely Maggie from Panachea and asked if i would like to try out their Royal Treatment face mask.

The mask is inspired by Princess Yonghe’s facial treatment, which i love they have recognized where the idea came from.


The mask is vegan friendly and cruelty free with no colour or fragrances. The mask results should be brighter fresher more hydrated skin.


What i loved about the packaging was you cover the mask in the formula so it in face stays fresher. You have to snap for the formula to go through which was hard at first but i guess it would need to be to avoid leakages.


My favourite thing about the mask, was that it came in 2 halves to fit the contour of your face! I have never had a sheet mask fit so well. It made putting it on so much easier and the formula wasnt freezing cold like most sheet masks.

The outer packaging of the sheet mask is quite thick material which made disposing of the mask and such so much easier as we could put it all back in the original packaging.

I really enjoyed using this face mask and would definatley use it again. I always aim to be honest in my reviews so the only down points i had was the formula was meant to be non drip which i didn’t find, and it was a bit too much excess but i say that about all masks to be fair. My skin did feel slightly sticky after use but it did smooth in.

Thank you again to Maggie for allowing me to try your product.

I would recommend you all try this mask.


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