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Hiya Lovelies,

So Sex Education there have been so many mixed reviews on this netflix original.

The story of the series is around Otis, who’s mum is a sex therapist. He finds this ultimately embarrassing. Until he realizes he can use it to his advantage.

Otis goes around with his best friend Eric who is openly gay at school anyway. I love Eric he is by far my favorite character in this series.

They get talking to Mauve ‘the bad girl’ of school, who comes up with the idea to use Otis as a therapist for the students at school, which is a hit.

Yes there is a lot of sex talk but it is all very light hearted and definatley not taken seriously.

Otis is very awkward and shy which you can tell with his character this makes him being a sex therapist even more funny.Β  You can’t help but laugh when he gives his advise.

The only bit they upset me in the series is when Eric is dropped by Otis to be with Mauve all the time, which i think is awful and makes you want to slap Otis.

Eric goes on a low and takes a while to get himself back up again and when he does i was so happy.

Some of the series is very obvious about what happens and you sort of think i could have wrote this.

To be fair to the series, it is a feel good watch, and you cant help but laugh, alot of it is so stupid its funny. Just for something to chill out and watch without paying too much attention its great.


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