Umbrella Academy – Netflix Review 💗

Hey lovelies,

The Umbrella academy seemed to be a hot topic when it first came out on Netflix, and after watching it i can see why.

It starts by random women go into labour with a baby that wasnt there the night before. Very wierd, a Dr then decides to adopt 7 of the children after finding out they have special powers.

This hit me as very X Men, like mutants certain powers etc, didn’t quite know how it was going to go.

The 7 Children were:





Number 5 – (you don’t actually learn his name as everyone calls him 5)

Ben – Unfortunately deceased

Vanya – The ‘normal’ one

They were turned into The Umbrella Academy a team of children crime fighters using their powers for good.

The series starts when the Dr dies, which brings all the children home. Their mother (who is a robot) is still at the house as well as Pogo the monkey – (butler)

The children haven’t seen each other for years as they drifted off in their adult years. They all end up back at the house except 5 as no one has heard from him since his disappearance at 13.

At the spreading of the Drs ashes a portal opens up and 5 falls out, still at age 13 and under the impression he has been gone years. He reveals that he time hopped into the future and got stuck and only just made his way back.

Although 5 isn’t alone, he has 2 bounty hunters on his back Cha Cha and Hazel. Mary J Blidge plays Cha Cha and she does play the part well, after not hearing from her for a few years its nice to see her about again.

5 reveals that the world is going to end but he doesn’t know how. 5 turns out to have been a hitman in the future when he got stuck and is now being hunted for getting back and confirming the world ending.

Vanya (the normal one) was always pushed aside as she was always believed to have no powers.

Vanya meets Leonard, a new violin student of hers. He is the same age and he seems really nice and gives Vanya the attention she has craved from her family for so long. Leonard brings out Vanya’s powers from deep inside her, her power turns out to be the most powerful out of all the children.

Vanya could be the cause of the world ending.

The whole series is very X Men but i did enjoy it and would watch season 2 should this come about. My favorite character is definitely Klaus he is just too funny.

Have you watched it?


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