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Hiya Lovelies,

Book review time, i was so intrigued to read this i went on for ages and my brother got me it for christmas.

It’s funny i couldn’t work out how to write this review, i related so much to Michelle, i even contemplated doing the review like writing a letter to Michelle to thank her for writing this book. To be honest i’m still not sure the best way to write it so i am just going to type and see how it comes out.

The Obama’s to me always seemed so down to earth and real. I can’t say i took much notice of the whole presidential elections as i am not into politics at all.

I was hooked on the book within the first chapter of Michelle’s life. Her family were so close, and always around each other , just reminded me of mine. The closeness of Michelle and her brother was just like me and mine, it was spooky lol. Michelle was always going to be a high riser, she was so into education and knowing its her education which is going to get her somewhere.

You follow Michelle through elementary school right up to college when she went to Princeton. Michelle originally worked so hard to be in law until she had finally realised in herself that she wanted more.

It was at her first law firm, she explains how she met a young intern with a strange name….

I literally read this sentence in the book and got so excited, I don’t actually know why but i think its because you know who it is. Michelle definatley has a mind of her own and took a while to admit to herself she had feelings for Barack as he was her complete opposite. He was a very relaxed soul while she was work focused and needed order.

What i truly loved was reading how Michelle wrote about Barack, the love between them just lifted of the page. The words she was using and her explanations around him just shows the love and caring she has for him. They have a beautiful relationship.

Michelle is also very honest in her book, about how she didn’t like the election tours and being in politics was never her thing, but she stood by Barack anyway. Michelle made it clear she didnt want to be just a first lady she wanted to be a first lady who made a difference and had her own ideas. Like the garden she created at the white house with the help of some local school children.

When the Obama’s first moved to the white house, Michelle speaks very honestly about the rules and regulations within the white house. Not that i am sure whether these were allowed to be revealed or not i don’t know. Michelle even revealed the fact that the new president gets given 100k dollars to decorate the white house to their taste. The Obama’s turned this down as they preferred to put the 100k to good use and paid for the decoration themselves. I thought this was a really lovely touch.

The Obama’s were a completely down to earth family who tried to keep presidential life as normal as they could. Michelle really does seem like an amazing woman, she works hard for everyone everywhere, i cant even just say women which is a main focus for her but she works for everyone!

This book really is a good read and it really gives you a boost in the sense of you can do anything, you can rise above anything. You can achieve what you want.

Michelle – Thank you for writing this book, although you may never read this comment, you are inspiring and someone to look up to always.


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