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Another Netflix review for you, this time on The Order. Have any of you seen it?

The series kept flagging up on my recommended list and i like anything involving the out of the ordinary so couldn’t resist giving this a go.

The logo for the order struck me as very Harry Potter, which i thought was a bit cheeky. The series follows Jack who is a new student at Belgrave university. Jack lives with his grandad as his mum has passed away. There seems to be a connection with his mum and the university which is why this was Jack’s choice of uni.

Jack and his grandad seem obsessed over the order of the blue rose, which you guess is some sort of secret society. At first it seems Jack has missed his chance at joining the order, but when a student is murdered a spot becomes clear and Jack gets the Blue rose as invitation to join the order.

Once an invitation is received tasks are giving to all the individuals lucky enough to be chosen for possible entry to the order. During these tasks another student dies, the order seems very cult like, lots of masks and hoods, meetings in the forests.

During one of the tasks, Jack is attacked and turned into a werewolf, after his first turn he finds out there is another secret society for werewolfs, the knights of st christopher. Not sure how many secret societys one uni needs lol. Typical guess work shows both the order and the knights dont get on, with the knights chasing the work of the order to stop their magical tendencies.

The order focuses on witchcraft and rituals, who follow the leadings at the Temple Magus by the Grand Magus – Edward Coventry.

Edward is on a personal quest to put back together an ancient book to complete a masterful spell.

Jack has to handle being apart of 2 secret society’s, the test’s of grand magus and uni life altogether.  Without giving too much away, the series is one you need to keep watching to get into it. At first its a bit meh but when you stick to it, you get hooked.


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