Avengers End Game – Film Review πŸ’—

Hey lovelies,

Avengers End Game, the most talked about film minus the spoilers i have seen for years.

You watch the final encounter of the Avengers facing off against Thanos and the infinity stones.

Hubby is Marvel mad, and i have always preferred Marvel over DC heroes. My personal favorite is X-Men, Hubby’s is Iron Man.

We were quite late to the party seeing this quite late, but considering we were late the cinema was packed, like literally no seats.

I really do love the Marvel family and fans, they released a hashtag of #Dontspoiltheendgame. And as far as i am concerned everyone kept the secret as i didn’t see or hear of any spoilers. Some people may have done but i certainly didn’t go looking for spoilers. I thought it was so good how the whole world came together over this franchise to keep spoilers to themselves.

The film was 3 hours long and there was no way you felt it, there was so much going on. The old faces, the excitement, the tears. Deffo the best Avengers film.

A lil side note which i loved, during the trailers they went to show you the trailer for Spiderman Homecoming, but actually took the time to say no won’t show it til after the film so there are no spoilers, alot of thought went into every step of this film.

This is such a hard film to write a review on as anything i say could be seen as a spoiler, and there are still people who haven’t seen it!

hope this little note helps a little πŸ™‚


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