Aladdin – Film Review 💗

Hi Lovelies,

I am really behind on my cinema trips recently. I finally went to see the live action Aladdin.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, there had been a lot of mixed reviews especially all around Will Smith’s performance as the Genie.

I actually loved the film and the way it worked. Will Smith as the genie was brilliant. He did have some big boots to fill but he filled them in his own way and done it superbly.

I always like when Disney use unknown actors and actresses for the main roles as it brings the character more to life and they aren’t recognized as previous characters. Don’t get me wrong i absolutely adore Emma Watson as Belle, but you cant help but look at her as Hermione 🙂

They added in some new original songs such as ‘Speechless’ was a beautiful addition to the movie.

I was hooked in the cinema all the way through and it just brings back all the magic from the original Aladdin film. I would recommend it to everyone!


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