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ABH x Alyssa Edwards – Make Up Review πŸ’—


Who doesnt love an Alyssa Edwards moment?

She is a queen! as soon as i see this collab i knew i needed it! I love Alyssa, I love Drag and this palette has all the sass anyone needs!

I have not long got into ABH palettes i held off and held off trying to be good. I gave in at the Rivera palette and that was it. I can’t get enough of them!

The packaging the pigment just the everything about them!


This palette is for the people who dare to be different this deffo isntΒ  palette for everyday looks. You could squeeze a few out but not many. This is a must have for anyone who loves brights make up collection!


Alyssa even included a message on the outer packaging for the palette! I cannot agree enough, you can be so creative with this colour story!


The pigment though! *heart face heart face heart face*

I love the shade names they are deffo names which are close to her heart such as B.B.D.C names after her dance company (Beyond Belief Dance Company) if you haven’t seen the netflix series Dancing queen you better get downloading!

My Look


I wore this look to the Big Beauty Day Out last year! It was my first look with this palette and i did get loads of compliments on it at the event. I was so happy with it i was very proud!


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