My Mum Tracey Beaker – Book Review šŸ’—

Hiya lovelies,

Going back to being a child bookworm again with this book review.

Jacqueline Wilson was the first author i was truly addicted too, which i am sure is the same for most girls my age is they looked back.

Out of all the books back in day i think i read them all! Obviously some of the newer ones i have missed, although i did read Katy when that came out. Bestie bought it for me lol.

I loved the Tracy Beaker books there were 2 years ago, the original and then the dare game. These followed Tracy through her journey at the dumping ground until she meets Cam. Very similar to the Tracy Beaker TV show which came out.

This book follows Tracy as an adult and the adventures of her and her daughter Jess. I really loved that you felt as if you just picked up the Tracy story and started it again. Wilson kept in old characters and even mentioned Justine Littlewood.

I felt like a young girl again and makes me remember where my love of reading come from. I really want to get my old books out and re read them to see how i see them as an adult, i think that would be an interesting blog series? Depends if i can convince my mum to let me dig them out of the cupboard they are in lol.

The book was really good and was the usual Tracy Beaker scenario things look like they are on the up but nothing is never easy when Tracy Beaker is involved.Ā  I actually couldn’t put the book down and it was such an easy read.

At first i did think am i reading a kids book? but then who cares a book is a book no matter who it’s for, as long as you enjoy what you read why does it matter what anyone else thinks.

Any one who used to love Jacqueline Wilson books, if you get the chance read this and it will make you smile.


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