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Hey lovelies,

Another twisted tale review for you!

This time this is a twisted tale on the original that is Snow White.

The book starts as a sort of prologue and you find it’s the prince which is under the sleeping spell. After reading the first chapter you are already like hold on how has this happened and WTF.

It’s funny in the original story there are a couple of characters that don’t actually have a name, like The prince, The Evil Queen, The huntsman.

Its nice how they actually give these characters personas in the book. You get some backstory behind these unknown characters. For example the Evil Queen is Ingrid the sister of Snow White’s mother Katharine. It describes their relationship as sisters and the story of how Katharine become queen, followed by her sister Ingrid.

Some of the twisted tales i struggled to get into, but this one i was hooked straight away and couldn’t put it down. The storyline and build up is the same, Huntsman taking Snow to the forest, meeting the dwarfs.

It really is a well thought out plot for the story, they have really thought about the Evil Queen’s story and her plan and really made it an addictive read.

I thought the twist with this book was really good and it had a alot of Girl Power in the story. The prince was the one needing to be saved not the princess as the usual with most stories.

Deffo go out and give this one a read!


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