Good girls Season 2 – Netflix Review 💗

Hiya lovelies,

Do love a second season when you don’t expect it! Good Girls season 1 was really good, and i guessed season 2 would come around due to the way season 1 ended but didn’t realize it was out, the show is kinda like a unsung hero. It’s better then people realize but you don’t hear much about it.

Season 2 basically follows the aftermath of season 1, from the armed robbery committed by Beth, Annie and Ruby. You see alot more of the Beth’s and Ruby’s husbands reactions from everything which happens. Ruby’s husband being a cop obviously has a very high opinion of how bad the girls dealings were. Beth’s husband gets beaten up by the gang to ‘encourage’ Beth to get the girls to carry on the work.

The FBI is starting to question and follow the girls moves around their day to day activity. Even going as far as attending Ruby’s house for dinner and going undercover as Annie’s new boss!

Beth, is given reign of the ‘business’ and gets a full on power trip, to the extent that you want to slap some sense into her. She stops thinking about everyone else and poor Ruby gets stuck between protecting Beth or her husband as he is under suspicion of stealing evidence.

It really puts a spanner in the girls relationships, from the beginning and doing it for all the right reasons it just goes the complete opposite.

This is deffo worth a watch if you haven’t seen it


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