Tina Turner – My Love Story – Book Review πŸ’—


Hiya Lovelies,

Another book review this time on the amazing Tina Turner.

Tina to me is quite a closed book, as you don’t really see or hear anything about her, i am guessing you probably heard more back when she was married to Ike Turner.

You don’t realize how much Tina went through, personally without all the business with Ike she had so much more to deal with in later life.

You see about Tina growing up and when she first met Ike and started her singing career. The relationship was bad as everyone knows and you hear how bad it was personally for her.

When she finally managed to break free from Ike she learned to love herself again. What shocked me was that the most well known part of her fame came when she was 40 years old. Looking back at the music videos i would never had said she was in her 40’s she looked brilliant.

Tina loves Europe and currently resides in Switzerland with her real love she finally found Erwin Bach. They love each other completely and have been through so much.

I hadn’t realized how much sickness Tina had been through from battling Cancer and bringing herself back from a stroke. I really admire her she has been through hell and back but still very positive on life and wanting to live life to the fullest!

Tina you are AMAZING!


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