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Twilight Galaxy Face Mask πŸ’—

Hey lovelies,

Facemask review time, i feel like its been ages since i completed a review or maybe its just been that long since i used one! oops!

This mask is from Primark and is called the Twilight Galaxy mask, it is a peel off mask.

The mask has collagen and is supposed to leave your skin smoother and brighter.

The recommendation is to use once or twice a week and apply to clean dry skin and leave on for 15 minutes before peeling off.


I would personally say you need more then 15 minutes or to at least wait til the mask is fully dry. After 15 minutes there were still patches where the mask hadn’t dried and wouldn’t peel off.

I love a peel off mask i don’t know about you but i just find it really satisfying. For Β£1.50 these mask wasn’t bad at all. My skin did feel smoother and i would try it again but i would judge my own time for taking it off.


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