Stranger Things – Season 3 💗

Hey lovelies,

How excited was everyone for season 3 of Stranger Things?

I feel like everyone has been waiting on this season forever.

Stranger Things has such a strong fanbase since the first season deffo one of the best Netflix has done.

I wasn’t sure how much further they could take the story, i mean there’s only so many times they can kill a demogorgan.

If i am completely honest it was my favorite season, it was a bit meh at the beginning and took some time to get into. There seemed to be too many separate stories going on.

Although my favourite part is deffo Eleven becoming more aware of boys and showing Mike what for! That was brilliant, as Hooper didnt really let her out much so her friendship with Max is lovely to watch, and reminds me of being young again!

I won’t lie i did shed a tear at the end as it did get emotional, but seeing how it ended i doubt there will be another season.

Although i am so excited as i am going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and they are having a Stranger Things themed haunted house, its going to be so good! i will make sure to do a blog post on it 🙂


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