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Beecham House 💗

Hi Lovelies,

Anyone else love random ITV serial drama?

My mum and me thought we would give Beecham house a go and omg we ended up obsessed!

Beecham house is based on an ex soldier John Beecham and the new life he is trying to create in India away from the east Indian trading company.

John seems high up in India’s honours and is given a huge house with servants for him and his son August.

He receives a visit from his mother and her escort Violet who his mother hopes is a possible suitor for John. To his mothers surprise John introduces her to his grandson, with no explanation on the August’s mother.

There seems to be a big mystery around August’s mum, and just intrigues you more especially when a mysterious lady turns up claiming to be his aunt. Everyone automatically thinks she is the mum but is she?

My first impressions was it was quite a slow starter not sure where the series is going but by the end you had to finish it, i hope for a 2nd series as it is deffo needed.

Just remember not everyone is as nice as they seem 🙂


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