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Hey Lovelies,

Book review for you, this is on a book written by Noel O’Reilly called Wrecker.

This book was given to me by the Bestie as she bought it for herself and managed to get 2 copies by mistake. I love a book gift 🙂

I will admit i have been known to pick books by the cover, and with this one i probs would have. It just looks intriguing especially the ‘she saved his life It might cost hers’ it just grabs you from the off.

The book is based in Cornwall but quite a way in the past. The book follows the life of Mary, a simple girl who lives with her mum and younger sister Tegan. The village in which Mary and her family live is very poor and are known to be ‘Wreckers’

Wreckers is a term used in the book to describe the people in the town who wait for a ship wreck and for the wreckage to come to shore. The people will then raid the wreckage for goods. This even involves going through dead people’s pockets. It is kind of a needs must attitude among the village.

While out Wrecking Mary sees a man stuck to a barrel still alive out to sea, she risks her life by going out to get him back to shore. This turns out to be a Minister named Gideon Stone. As the story is based back in the day shall we say, it is uncommon for an unmarried woman to have a man in her house, it is frowned upon in the village. This is the rath Mary faces when she takes the minister home to nurse him back to full health.

When feeling better the Minister sets about creating a chapel and bringing the village back to believing in god and gods work. Mary having already taken a shine to the minister is one of the first at the prayer meetings he sets up. The minister too takes a shine to Mary but tries to hide it, this causing alot of disruptions within the village.

Rumours quickly start and poor Mary is trying to keep herself and her reputation together.

When i look back as the book, if i knew about it being set years ago and the story i may not have chosen it to read, i did struggle to get into the book at first as i had no idea where it was going. But once i got the hang of the story i actually enjoyed it and stayed up to finish it.

Have you ever started a book and thought maybe this isn’t for me then get really into it?


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