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Killing Eve – Season 2 💗

Hey lovelies,

Killing Eve is back with season 2, so many people were waiting on this season coming out.

Following on from season 1 where Eve is chasing notorious serial killer Villanelle.

This season focuses on what seems to be a copycat killer who is targeting a family who own an internet business.

Eve instantly thinks is Villanelle, they seem absolutely obsessed with each other.

Eve rejoins the detective force to try and work on the case, but is too taken up with Villanelle she nearly misses the culprit. With some help from an old friend (watch to see) she ends up enlisting Villanelle to help on the case.

Who else would know how a serial killer thinks better then a serial killer themselves. They actually make a good partnership even if Vilanelle finds it all to be a game.

It is quite hard to see if the focus is on the killings or Eve and Vilanelle’s relationship.

Their relationship takes its toll on Eve’s relationship with her husband which is like a 2nd story along with the main one.

The ending of the story is an unexpected one, and to be honest i’m not sure if it is leading onto a further season, we will have to wait and see.


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