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So Hi Everyone, wasn’t to sure where to start with this, so what better then to start with me!

To give you a bit of background on me:

I live in London, at the age of 27 and still have the wild imagination, I’ve had since I was a child. I just love being creative, its apart of me. My Godmother was just as creative, my mum says I remind her of her sister. She was my world and love that I am like her. I wish she was still with us but she is watching from a higher power now.

My creative side ranges from the love of Make-Up and Crafting to Baking. Anything I can use my imagination with I love. The excitement of trying something new, the build up of the planning and going to buy whats needed.


I am a book worm by heart, always have been, ever since the days of Spot the dog, we’re going on a bear hunt. Up to my teens and Jaqueline Wilson. Then now which is anything and everything. A book is a world you can disappear into and escape your own. I love emerging myself into a story, it gives me a break from normal life. My all time favourite books are Harry Potter. I will probably bore you all to death with it lol. I could read JK Rowling over and over again and never get bored.

The world of magic and stories which aren’t in the usual world I love. I have grown to love paranormal too. do love a good vampire story now.

Disney has played a big part in my imagination, anyone who loves it or attended Walt Disney World, will get it. It brings out your imagination and inner child no matter how old you are. I first went to WDW when I was 4 and have been obsessed every since. You will find a number of the reasons behind my ideas will lead back to some sort of Disney idea or film.

Reasons for the blog:

So the reason I started down this path is to have something and somewhere I can just be me. I work in sales in an office in the City. I don’t get to be creative there, its kinda robotic. I wanted somewhere I can share my loves with people, and show the true me.

I want to show people how creative I can be, and how I use my creative skills.

What you’ll get from me:

Feel free to follow my Instagram Creativekate89 I post regular pictures on all of the below 🙂

Make Up

I love make up, quite addicted really lol. I will review new products, show you what I’m wearing at the moment. Give hints and tips on what I’ve learnt and picked up along the way.


Making things has become a big hobby in my life lately. I have a list of ‘to make’ projects as long as anything. I am dangerous when I go into Hobbycraft as I can guarantee I will come out of there with a new idea. I will show you crafts I have made, some how to’s if you are interested in seeing how its made. Any Hobbycraft hauls and reviews.


I worked in a bakers for 6 years, not the most glamorous job but it paid off by me picking up cake skills and also meeting my boyfriend of 10 years <3 I love to bake, I used to do it all the time with my nan. I make a pretty mean cheesecake and birthday cake. I’ve made occasion cakes to which range from Land Rover’s all the way to R2D2. As I go on to make more I will share pictures and let you all know how I got on with the process. Maybe give you step by steps photos as I go along.


I am a shopaholic, (most women are I know) I will share with you any shopping hauls I feel will be of interest to you. I have a tendensy to buy unusual items that you don’t get just anyway. Anything that sparks the magpie in me or the geek in me, I tend to pick up.


I hope you like what you hear and are intrigued to keep reading.

I’ll try and blog as much as I can and keep as creative as I can 🙂

Speak soon readers

CreativeKate <3

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