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Sephora Haul – Florida 2019



Woohoo! My first haul post from Florida. Obviously i was going to go into Sephora i dont know how not too haha

The only Sephora i have been in before Florida was in Barcelona. The staff were ok but not over friendly deffo had better staff interaction from Morphe.

But anyway onto the haul:

Tatcha – Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


Everyone knows i am a big Jeffree Star fan, and his love for Tatcha made me so intrigued. I did look at the day cream he swears by but to be honest couldn’t bring myself to pay the $68-72 dollars for it.

I didn’t see the mist until i was in the queue, Sephora queues deffo add to your basket all the goodies lined up next to you, you cant help but look. This spray was only $20 so i gave in and bought this. I have been using this since i got back and i am in love. This is just a spray but has already made so much difference. It is so smoothing not oily. I have even seen an improvement in my skin which i don’t normally. Having used this and loved this so much next time i hit a Sephora i do think i will purchase the cream the mist has sold me.


Natasha Denona – Diamond & Glow Blush and Highlighting Palette


Another pick up while in the queue at Sephora, the delightful Natasha Denona a name i have heard multiple times but never actually seen in a shop. Normally Natasha Denona is quite pricey and as i wasn’t sure on the formula I didn’t want to splurge. I see this little travel blusher and highlighter and thought let me try.


The packaging for this is so simple but i think it is lovely. The shades are lovely and the highlight has a lovely shimmer. I would even use these as eye shadows as well as blusher and highlighter. Love a multi use palette.


Benefit – Cookie Highlighter


I know this probably wasn’t a need to buy as i could get this in the UK. But i got Tickle which is the other limited edition shade before i went away and i just wanted the matching set. It is so pretty! I think it was Cookie i see when i went to the Benefit charity event and they gave us a lil clue about a single unit coming out.


It’s so pretty and this is my excuse and i’m sticking to it lol!

Sephora – #Metal Lipstick


When i was in Barcelona i picked up a Sephora own brand lipstick and a couple of single shadows. The shadows didn’t impress but the lipstick did. I like this shade as it is a simple pink with a slight shimmer.

Sephora – Face Masks


Everyone knows i am a fiend for face masks, although i was good i only got hand masks (mainly for mum) and eye masks, turning 30 has made me paranoid about eye wrinkles, don’t know why.

Freebie Bundle


I got all the above goodies as a freebie for spending over a certain amount. They are all hair care samples which i plan to work my way through, i couldn’t believe the amount as normally in the UK you would only get one sample.

So there you have it, my Florida Sephora haul hope you are looking forward to seeing the rest of my hauls!


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