Shopping Haul – Florida 2019

Hi Lovelies,

Another haul post for you, i didn’t have a main picture so thought you could have one of me loving life at Animal Kingdom 🙂

This post is just to show bits and pieces i picked up while i was in Florida.

Michael Kors – Outlet


First items were from the Michael Kors outlet in Florida, i have wanted a Michael Kors bag for ages but just didn’t want to pay the price. When we went to the outlets out of intrigue i wanted to see what the prices were like. OMG everything was 70% off it was ridiculous. The bag itself should have been something like $300 but i got both bag and purse for like $150. It still sounds alot i know but for Michael Kors it actually isnt. The joy now is to keep them clean lol.

Mac Cosmetics


This Mac store was in the Florida mall and i believe this is the store that PatrickStarr worked in! I was actually really good and only got these 2 prep and prime sprays which smell amazing!



There was no way i was going to Universal and not going to Honeydukes, like who would do that?!!?!

I have had the chocolate frog before and it is literally solid chocolate, not to be eaten in one sit in haha. Bertie Botts every flavor bean, ( i don’t even eat jelly beans but cant not buy them haha) Honeydukes chocolate was a first but not the best chocolate in the world (i was quite disappointed) Liquid luck was a new one on me, and i just loved the packaging. I haven’t tried it yet, but will keep for a day i need a bit more luck 😉

Bath and Body Works


I was so excited when i see a lady walking round the mall with a bath and body works bag. I see so many people i follow from the US talk about bath and body works. I was so excited to see the anti bac, sounds crazy but you can never have too much anti bac.


The sprays smell amazing and they were doing by 3 get one free or something like that. I got handbag size too!


I actually cant wait for my current anti bac to run out so i can use one of these haha

So there you have my random shopping haul, i hope you are enjoying these posts, as i love reading over peoples haul posts.


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