Star Wars Galaxys Edge – Florida 2019


Hi Lovelies,

Galaxy’s edge was the highly anticipated new opening from WDW and Disneyland. (Please excuse the gentleman who walked straight through my picture)

I could not wait to see it, people were raving about how amazing it was and they was even opening the park at 6am to cover people trying to queue for the ride.

Galaxy’s edge was a lot bigger then i thought it was going to be, our first visit to Hollywood studios we did not plan to go to it (we wanted to give it a day as we knew wait time for the ride could be a while. We decided to cut through to get to the other side of the park and literally around every corner there is something new to see.

The detail that went into creating the area is phenomenal. From the storm troopers patrolling the area to Rai wondering around Batu.


Smugglers run is the only ride currently open in Galaxy’s edge with another ride due to open December 2019. We had been seeing wait times of 55 minutes and over, not knowing what to expect wait wise.

When we got there it was 45 minutes so we got in line, but only actually waited about half and hour. My brother and me couldn’t believe our luck.

The queue for the ride has perks like all the ride queues, so much thought has been put into it. It actually keeps you preoccupied while you are queuing.

Smugglers run is literally and immersive ride. It is not just a simulator. You are actually put in control of the millenium falcon. You get given a card to whether you are a pilot, engineer or guns man. I really like how they done this, the way it all works really is some Disney magic.

Disney even went as far as to ensure drinks were immersed in the whole Star Wars era:

A bottle of Coke Star Wars style!

Galaxy’s edge is a must see on your next visit to WDW!


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