Snape – Book Review💗

Hiya lovelies,

I came across this book in recommend on my Kindle after reading the A Journey through series.

Snape is such an interesting character, i was very intrigued by the book. To be honest i thought it was going to be a more biography type book where its like a story of Snape’s childhood and his history with Lily. Just a heads up that isn’t the case!

This book actually goes through each HP book looking at all of Snape’s actions and why he acted in this way. This was actually a way more interesting read then i thought a biography would be.

Snape is one of the most complex character in the Harry Potter story. He kinda reminds me or marmite, do you hate him or love him?

The writer really took the time to think about why he does what he does and why he would responds and reacts differently to different scenarios.

You do get the odd flashback on some of his history and his relationship with his mum, which i am not sure if confirmed by JKR or just the writers imagination.

I recommend this book for all Snape lovers and even Snape haters! it may just change your opinion!


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