A History Of Magic – A Journey Through….. – Book Review 💗


Hi all,

This is a lil post about the series of books A journey through…. which goes through the history of different subjects studied at Hogwarts. There are 4 books in the series and are all only available on Kindle. They are each numbered 1 – 4, but the way the books are written you can read them in any order you like! I actually read book 2 first as i didn’t realize they were numbered.

The books cover the below subjects:

1- Charms & Defense Against the Dark Arts

2- Potions and Herbology

3- Divination and Astronomy

4- Care of Magical Creatures


The books are quite quick reads, i tend to read on my bus home from work and journey can take 30-45 minutes, i managed to read each one in 3 bus journeys.

The books are like a history text book, and go into the history of each subject. You dont actually realize how far back theories go on magic. It shows how much research JK Rowling had to put it on each subject to ensure she was accurate with her descriptions and ideas.


They did make interesting reads as you dont realize how deep rooted the background of magic is. You don’t think of where the original idea’s came from and what people thought was real and not real. Some people took magic and different parts of it extremely seriously.


I would recommend these to any HP fan who is interested to know more history on the world of magic 🙂


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