We Are The Beaker Girls – Book Review šŸ’—

Hiya Lovelies,

How are we all coping with Isolation? I am currently working from home which has both its good and bad days.Ā 

I was hoping it may mean more time for writing blog content and making Instagram content not as yet has happened haha been too busy with work.Ā 

Anyway trying to push forward and get some blogs written for you while i have some time šŸ™‚

I really want to focus on book reviews and TV reviews for you while we are in isolation in hopes i give you all some good ideas of things to read and watch while we are stuck indoors.

We are the Beaker Girls is the next installment from My Mum Tracey Beaker. Following on from the amazing Tracey Beaker books written by the amazing Jacqueline Wilson. Yes i am reading you could say a younger readers book but you read what you like. I liked the original and read them as they come out so why not read the follow on!

This book covers Tracey and Jess on their move to the coast. Moving into the antiques shop humorously named ” The Dumping Ground “

Follow Tracey and Jess on their new coastal living life, with the usual Beaker trouble following them wherever they go.

Some unwelcome old friends try to get back on the scene then there is some unexpected but very welcome old friends who appear too!Ā 

As always this is a feel good read and just makes you reminsice on what you would read in your younger days. I dont think i will ever be too old to read a Jacqueline Wilson book.Ā 

As an extra FYI i would suggest watching 4 Children and IT on sky if you have it, very good film! Story written by Jacqueline herself!Ā 

What are you reading during isolation?





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