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The Trial Of Christine Keeler – BBC Series Review πŸ’—

Hi lovelies,

Anyone else watch the trials of Christine Keeler? It is quite funny as while i was watching this series i was also watching The Crown on Netflix with my mum, which also covers this story slightly in the series.

Christine Keeler is a young girl who moves to London and gets put under the wing of Stephen Ward a osteopath to some of the most renowned people in London from politicians to singers and actors.

The story shows a very outgoing, party loving Christine Keeler. Loving her new found London life. She comes across as an attention loving teenager. She goes out to bars drinks her way through the night.

Stephen introduces her to all his clientele, including the politician John Profumo. This meeting ends up in an illicit affair between John and Christine.Β 

John also provides Christine with money, to give to her mum who asks Christine for money to cover bills. This creates an even bigger scandal as police get involved after Christine reports her ex boyfriend for beating her up.Β 

The police get heavily involved with Christine and talk her into speaking to them about her affair with Profumo she also finds out how much money the papers are willing to pay her for the story. The police make a big thing out of this discovery, this leads to all sorts of trouble.

Profumo is forced to resign from his job, Stephen Ward get arrested for living off the money made by prostitutes. The news then make a big story about Christine and her friend Mandy being prostitutes and Stephen Ward apparently being their pimp. The girls are adamant they aren’t and haven’t been led to believe they are. But if you look at the clientele of Ward’s they have met and subsequently slept with, as well as accepting money from them is all looks pretty suspicious.Β Β 

Everyone has their own opinion on the case and you can read up more on it if you just google John Profumo. My thoughts Christine was very naive and wanted to make a name for herself in London, and didn’t see anything wrong in anything she was doing. Stephen Ward i feel should have known better to be honest as the girls were young and easily led.

What do you think of the case?


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