Dead Water Fell – TV Series Review 💗

Hiya lovelies,

Deadwater fell is a series aired by channel 4. This wasn’t based on a true story but was inspired by the Netflix series The Staircase. Which i have already reviewed here.  

To be honest not sure how the series are inspired by each other but other creative minds can work differently. 

The series is based in Scotland, and focuses on 2 families. A fire takes place at one of the family homes losing the lives of the 3 daughters and wife of David Tennant’s character. 

His character is also in the home when the fire is started and is saved by a close friend as he is pulled out the fire. They try to go back and rescue the girls but it appears there bedroom door is locked. 

It is a bit suss from the off, you kinda think why is the bedrooms locked? 

Throughout the mourning of David’s character, you see flashbacks of the 2 families getting on being really close. Some closer then others but will let you watch for yourself. 

It was an ok series but felt it was over too quickly and could have dragged it out a bit better with maybe a couple of different suspects may have made it better. 

Let me know your thoughts?

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