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White House Farm – TV Series Review πŸ’—

ITV put together a series based on the true story of White House Farm.Β 

A story of a murdered family which happened back in 1985. This saw the murder of twin boys, their mother and grandparents, all in the same house, all shot and all evidence pointing to their mum to have pulled the trigger on everyone and herself.

The series starts before the shooting to set the scene on the daily family life, and family relationships. This i think is so you start to gain opinions on each person.

After the shooting it is deemed a mass shooting and suicide but the mother (Shelia) but was it?

One police officer feels the case just isn’t sitting right and that it doesn’t seem to be as easy as a suicide. His own investigations start the audience guessing as you can help but start to question your own thoughts on the case.

Other members of the family then start to question as they knew the mother well and are convinced she is not capable of inflicting this sort of pain and hurt to her family especially her 2 sons who she doted on.Β 

Follow the story and see the outcome and you decide who you feel is responsible.

I did enjoy the series but found it started to drag towards the end, it was an obvious ending which i hoped it wouldn’t be. Only 6 episodes so would like to hear your thoughts?

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