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Dracula – BBC Series Review πŸ’—

Hi all,

I have a thing about paranormal and vampires, as i am sure most of my followers know. Dracula was a talked about series in my office with both good and bad reviews! I started this series on the unknown of whether this was good or not.

It started with a story being told by a gentleman Jonathan Harker, who shares his experience of Transylvania and his meeting of Dracula. Jonathan is seen currently in an asylum run by nuns. Jonathan is very frail and looks very ill and pale.Β 

Jonathan was lured to Transalvania under the pretence of the count looking to buy property in England. When he first meets the count, he is a very old man. To me he wasn’t very like Dracula, but he transforms the longer Jonathan is around him, he appears to be absorbing him. The younger Dracula gets the older Jonathan gets.Β 

Dracula seems to have the usual vampire traits:

  • Doesn’t like mirrors
  • Can’t go in direct sunlight
  • Sleeps in a coffin

While Jonathan is telling his story he is talking too 2 nuns. 1 of the nuns is very interested in Dracula, her name is Agatha.Β 

It turns out Agatha is a Van Helsing (a family of vampire hunters) Agatha takes on trying to kill Dracula, but gets herself taken hostage.Β 

Dracula boards a boat to come across to England and the episode is very murder on the orient express but on a boat. Boat guests are picked off one by one. and there is a large whodunnit.Β 

Once in the UK he meets someone who looks very similar to Agatha who takes Dracula into custody and from there the story goes on….

I actually enjoyed this series, some of the other people i spoke to about the series didn’t find it true to the story of Dracula, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have tried not to five too much away and hope i haven’t.

Have you watched Dracula? What was your thoughts?


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